Our Mission.

We believe that to “Live Strong” your gym needs to be as committed to your training goals & needs as you are. We are just as committed to your goals and we promise to deliver the best results possible with a professional attitude, motivating you towards your training.

We have a rapid growing community of members who are loyal and friendly to those who come here to train, an attribute that has been lost in many of our competitors gyms.

Yes, we are a commercial gym, and every member matters.

Our aim is to make every member happy and successful with their Health and Fitness goals.

The Owner Lincoln Chen, has high aspirations and a deep passion for the fitness industry, and in order to make the much needed changes in the ever growing fitness industry, he is willing to put in the hard yards to make “Iron Industry” the best place to train.

We welcome everyone; we hope that you join us to train on a regular or daily basis in order to enjoy the facilities and services we provide. We would like all of our clients along with our staff to become friends & join our growing IRON INDUSTRY GYM FAMILY. Our staff like to focus on providing great customer service rather than just taking your membership fees. Our core values and our main aim is to make every member happy, feel included and to be successful with their health & fitness goals.